The following agenda is subject to change.

Individual arrivals to Hilton Vienna Hotel
19:30 : Welcome cocktail – Foyer M1
20:30 : Dinner (Salon Klimt)

9:00 Welcome/Kick Off/Opening Remarks
9:15 The Enterprise and Fortinet – A Valued Relationship
The session will provide an update on Fortinet’s commitment and success in the Enterprise market
9:35 Digital Transformation – What, Why and How
This session will look at digital transformation and the convergence of business, IT and Security
10:00 Beyond Software Defined – Securing the Hybrid Enterprise
Software is redefining the enterprise. This session will look at the role it plays in defining today’s security and in the future where enterprises go beyond being software defined into truly hybrid environments.
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Guest Speaker – EDF Energy
11:30 GDPR – The Facts Behind the Myths
This session will provide and clear and concise recap of the soon to be in place data protection regulation, GDPR, and the impact to your organization.
12:00 The Fortinet Security Fabric and GDPR – Reconciling Regulatory with Technology
This session will focus on where security technology plays within the GDPR structure and how leverage key provisions of the regulation to benefit your organization.
12:30 Lunch and Tech Expo
Audience Specific Breakout Tracks
Channel Partners End Users
14:00 Channel Operations Sponsor Presentation- Nozomi Networks
14:45 Driving Revenues Further with Fortinet Wireless Sponsor Presentation – VMware
End of audience specific tracks/breakout sessions
15:30 Coffee Break
Thematic Breakout Sessions – All Delegates
These sessions will focus on the different Fortinet solutions that represent the Fortinet Security Fabric in action. These sessions are intended to present an in-depth overview of each solution, from both a marketing and technical perspective, and will include a demonstration where appropriate.
16:00 Fortinet Security Fabric
Delivering Needed Enhanced Visibility
Fortinet Security Fabric
Securing All Clouds including Yours
Fortinet Security Fabric
Fighting both the targeted and incidental attack
Fortinet Security Fabric
Access Anywhere and Everywhere but Always Secure
17:30 End of Breakout Sessions/Day 1
9:05 Wannacry and Petya – Cyber Attacks that Didn’t Have to Happen
This session will focus on the need to keep security systems up to date with constant feeds of threat intelligence.
9:35 Guest Speaker – BT
10:00 Securing the Enterprise IoT Ecosystem
The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to dominate events, headlines and column inches. This session will focus on the potential opportunity that IoT presents to the enterprise and how to ensure that the IoT bonanza doesn’t turn into a fiasco.
10:30 Coffee Break and Tech Expo
11:00 Customer e-Government Case Study
11:30 Sponsor Presentation – Sentinel One
12:00 Zoom in on the Security Fabric – Application Security
While the whole of the Fortinet Security Fabric is greater than the sum of its parts, those individual parts must meet expectations. This session will focus on the key requirements of securing email and web applications.
12:30 Lunch and Tech Expo
14:00 Support for the Transforming Enterprise
The effects of Digital Transformation are being felt through the enterprise including how they perceive supporting the changing environment. This session will look at these changes, both from the enterprise’s and supplier’s perspective.
14:30 Delivering the Enterprise Virtual Edge
Software Defined WAN is positioning itself to be the NBT – Next Big Thing. With a promise of reduced operating costs, network simplification, security integration and increased flexibility SD-WAN is changing the face of branch office connectivity. This session will focus on what constitutes an SD-WAN solution and will include a demonstration of what is needed at the edge of the enterprise network.
15:15 The Greater the Challenge, the Greater the Need for Clearer and More Concise Management
As organizations embrace digital transformation, more and more data is being created from more and more end points but managing and securing this new environment is quickly proving too difficult for current systems. This session will focus on what is needed in this new world to ensure that organizations can continue to maintain control and awareness over the network.
15:45 Coffee Break and Tech Expo
16:15 Hunting the Hunters
The hacker and his target are at opposite ends of the risk/reward equation with the hacker enjoying high potential reward and very little risk. This session will focus on what is possible to proactively head off the threat and will use a real life case study as an example.
16:45 Looking Ahead – Development for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Objectives
In light of changing business needs and trends and the cyber threats that accompany them, the only way a company can succeed is through continuous product development. This session will look at Fortinet’s key product developments that support the enterprise’s digital transformation journey.
17:30 End of Day 2
Individual departure according to your flight schedule